Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Story

Here's how it all started. Once during a holiday celebration, I found myself totally commenced in depression. I did however, take responsibility for it and started a quest to find out how the heck I was attracting this kind of stuff into my life.

What I found was that one of the most prominent philosophies I lived my life by needed some fine tuning. I used to believe that more then half of what happens to us is a direct result of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we radiate. What I found is that it's not half, it's ALL!

I started reading books, articles and blog posts about the "Law of Attraction", the "Power of Intention", "Emotional Freedom Techniques", and everything else I could get my hands on that explained what I was seeing.

Here's how it makes sense to me. The realization that clinched the deal for me was the work of Albert Einstein. No, right away when people think of Einstein, a lot of things come to mind. The first of which is that infamous equation E-MC². Everyone knows that equation and that it is the basis behind Einstein's Theory of Relativity, but what does it really mean? An how did that simple equation knock the socks off the Physics world overnight?

The basics behind it is this. E is the symbol of Energy. M is equal to Mass, C is the speed of light. Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light squared. The realization came when I realized that MC² is a formula that Physicists use to explain Matter. In other words, Matter is Energy!

We also radiate energy though our thoughts feelings and emotions. This is a measurable magnetic force that is measured in frequency, or "cycles per second". Therefore, if energy is measured in cycles per second and all these things are created by energy, then everything is based on a specific vibration. That was the thing that made it all come together for me. We attract to our life what we radiate. We can control our lives by the vibrations we produce.

That basic premise is what started me on my journey and the amount of knowledge I've been gaining from it has been changing my whole viewpoint in life.

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