Monday, February 15, 2010

Success Story

I thought I'd share a success story that recently happened. My Girlfriend, Son and I recently moved to Southern California after a long depression brought on by the dark weather in Northern Oregon (yes, we're solar powered). I had my manifesting energy in full swing when I created a new job with good pay in a down economy. The problem was that the house we had lined up fell through at the last minute and we were forced to take the backup plan and move to an even more depressing town then we started out in.

Now, we both know we shouldn't be affected by the environment around us, but we were nevertheless. We eventually found ourselves in a run down house, struggling to pay bills, and in extreme depression. I was having thoughts of regret thinking I wasn't being a manifesting genius, but arrogant and forceful.

The stories in this forum and the tweets, blogs and calls that followed help put me back on track. I finally said to myself, "What's my problem, I'm better then this..." so I began trying to manifest money...trying... first mistake ... money... second mistake. I found these two the way I had them in my vocabulary to be mistakes because I was first trying, I know that it should be effortless, and I was using money as the goal assuming it was the only tool to get what I want.

What did I want? To live in a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood for starters. My girlfriend and I started painting the picture (in those rare moments when we could see through the fog) and came up with some specifics:

1. Some land - Not allot, just a place where we could plant
2. Charter School for our Son - We tried unsuccessfully to get him into three different charters in the area
3. A solar home - O.k., that was a fantasy, but we were having fun with it
4. A view of the ocean - S. California has some beautiful sunsets and we wanted to watch the sun set over the ocean

There were a couple others, but I bring up these four because of how it worked out.

I looked through the house adds and said "today I will find a house!". The second place I looked at was on a quarter acre with a vegetable garden all ready for planting on a hill facing the ocean. The school district happen to be in the only Charter School we didn't apply to and guess what, it's got solar power!!

I called on the place and sure enough, it was available. I got a quick personal loan, paid off some stuff that was screwing up my finances and put a deposit down on the place. A month later, we covered all our goals and are sitting out on the back porch drinking wine and watching the sun set over the ocean!

I learned long ago (then quickly forgot several times in my life) that money is at best a tool to get what you really want. Interestingly, since we're in such a nice situation now, I'm not treating my finances with the despair I was living in. As a result, I somehow magically have more of it! I'm not even sure how that happens, but I went over it and the math works out. Weird.

Anyway, what I learned from this experience is that it really does pay to know the what and not worry about the how.

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